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Kristi Montooth

Associate Professor

Contact: Office Manter Hall 314, Email Kristi

1104 T Street, 348 Manter Hall, Lincoln, NE 68588-0118




Cole Julick

Research Assistant

Research focus: Cole has worked with Kristi and Luke Hoekstra on the environment-dependent effects of mutations in mitochondrial-nuclear hybrids of Drosophila. He is now leading a project on the ontogeny of metabolic performance in Drosophila. Cole plans to go to graduate school to train in the area of evolutionary genetics, but Kristi hopes that this is not going to happen too soon.

Contact: Office Manter Hall 314, Email Cole



Omera Matoo, PhD UNC Charlotte

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research focus: Omera joined the lab after completing her PhD in Inna Sokolova's lab at UNC Charlotte. She investigates physiological responses to environmental stress and the evolution & development of metabolic processes.

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Contact: Office Manter Hall 315, Email Omera



Katherine O'Brien, PhD University of Pennsylvania

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research focus: Katherine joined the lab after completing her PhD in Paul Schmidt's lab at U Penn. She investigates organismal adaptations to environmental stress, including the evolution of plastic physiologies.

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Contact: Office Manter Hall 315, Email Katherine



Jeff Adrion

Ph.D. Student - EEB at Indiana University, NSF GRFP Fellow

Research focus: Jeff did undergraduate research at UNC Chapel Hill with Nadia Singh. He is interested in coevolution between organisms and between genomes within organisms. With Kristi, he investigates the consequences of mitochondrial-nuclear interactions for the molecular evolution of tRNAs and their tRNA synthetases.

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Contact: Office Jordan Hall A318, Email Jeff




Justin Buchanan

Ph.D. Student

Research focus: Justin graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a BSED 7-12 in Biology and Chemistry and a BA in Chemistry with a Biology minor. He is currently in the GCMB Ph.D. program at UNL working on immune-energetic interactions within mitochondrial-nuclear Drosophila hybrids. He is also investigating the reasons for rapamycin resistance in the mitochondrial-nuclear incompatible genotype.

Contact: Office Manter Hall 316, Email Justin



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