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12/2010 ~ Kristi Montooth and colleagues publish a paper in Evolution on the impact of mitochondria by nuclear epistasis on fitness in Drosophila.

Kristi Montooth and collaborators in library science here at IU publish a paper on Science Seeker, a novel teaching method.

07/2010 ~ Joint Montooth/Calvi/Lacefield/Sokol labs beach party on Lake Monroe


05/2010 ~ Robert Kobey gets a spot on the Genetics, Cell and Molecular Sciences Training Grant  

05/2010 ~ Katie Mika, Mo Siddiq and Nick Fisher awarded fellowships to support their summer research

04/2010 ~ Luke Hoekstra receives research grant from the Indiana Academy of Science to research the energetic cost of inducible gene expression

01/2010 ~ Brandon Cooper was awarded research grant from the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology to evaluate the evolution of membrane acclimation in variable environments

7/24/09 ~ Joint Montooth/Calvi/Lacefield beach party on Lake Monroe

watermelon picnic_small rockband


1/23/09 ~ Our Sable Systems respirometry machine has arrived, data will follow shortly.

10/24/08 ~ Montooth Lab now on Facebook!

10/19/08 ~ 1st annual Montooth Lab Canoe Trip was a resounding success

canoegroup canoegroup

10/04/08 ~ Montooth Lab's first trip to the Midwest Drosophila Conference in Allerton, IL


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