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09/2013 ~ Brandon and collaborators at ASU and UBC have their paper, Temporal variation favors the evolution of generalists in experimental populations of Drosophila melanogaster accepted at Evolution. Congrats Brandon!

08/2013 ~ Luke, Mo and Kristi have their paper on thermodynamic effects on mt-nuc incompatibilities accepted at Genetics. Congrats!

Brandon has accepted a postdoctoral position with Michael Turelli at UC Davis. Brandon will be studying the population biology of Wolbachia in model and nonmodel Drosophila systems. Congrats Brandon!

Welcome to our new undergraduate researchers Ally and Karl!

07/2013 ~ Brandon visited the University of Queensland to work on a project related to adaptation of invasive mosquitofish to extreme environments.

06/2013 ~ Montooth lab graduate students receive top society honors. Brandon received the Student Research Award from ASN, and Jeff received the Rosemary Grant award from the SSE. Congrats guys!

05/2013 ~ Jeff Adrion officially joins the lab (co-advised with Mike Wade) and promptly receives an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congrats Jeff!

Undergraduate researchers Nathan Byrd, Katie Gordon and Shelby Beil all receive summer research awards from the Hutton Honors College.

04/2013 ~ Brandon Cooper and collaborators have a paper on cell size in constant and fluctuating environments that has been accepted at the Journal of Experimental Biology. Congrats Brandon!

03/2013 ~ Kristi has been chosen to receive an IU Trustees teaching award for her work in L111. Congrats Kristi!

Brandon was awarded the Am. Nat. Student Research Award from the American Society of Naturalists for his project, "Fitness consequences associated with the evolution of plasticity: combining data with theory to predict evolutionary trajectories." Congrats Brandon!

02/2013 ~ Luke's paper on the energetic consequences of increasing the copy number of Hsp70 has been accepted at BMC Evolutionary Biology. Congrats Luke!

Kristi's PLoS Genetics paper has been selected by the Faculty of1000!

Access the recommendation on F1000Prime

Kristi's work on mito-nuclear incompatibilities has been highlighted by WTIU. Check it out.

Kristi, Colin and Mo's mitochondrial-nuclear epistasis paper at PLoS Genetics gets some press!

Robert Kobey's data and presentation skills are recognized with the 2013 SIBC DCPB Best Poster Presentation for "Genetic mechanisms of cold tolerance through increased desiccation resistance in Drosophila melanogaster."

01/2013 ~ The Montooth Lab welcomes rotation student Jeff Adrion, who will be working on mitochondrial-nuclear coevolution, and new undergraduate researcher Katie Gordon.

Luke, Robert and Brandon attended the SICB meeting in San Francisco.

11/2012 ~ You hear that? That's the sound of Robert Kobey finishing off a bottle of Scotch in celebration of his first paper being accepted by the Journal of Experimental Biology. Congrats Robert!

10/2012 ~ Kristi attended the Midwest Drosophila Conference.

9/2012 ~ The lab would like to welcome our new Research Assistant Signe White and our new Undergraduate Researcher Shaye Mentzer to the lab!

8/2012 ~ Luke Hoekstra has a new paper out on PLoS One. Congrats Luke!

6/2012 ~ The Montooth lab dinner was a great success.

lab dinner

Brandon Cooper has been awarded a spot on the NIH training grant in Genetics, Cellular and Molecular Sciences.

Joshua Herber joined the lab and will be working on larval fitness assays with Brandon Cooper.

5/2012 ~ Crack the champagne! Kristi has been awarded a 5-year National Science Foundation CAREER Award entitled "The physiology and genetics of adaptation to a complex environment."

4/2012 ~ Brandon Cooper passed his proposal defense meaning all we have are a bunch of candidates in here.

Undergraduates Rob Gassert and Nathan Byrd obtained funding for their summer research.

Katie Mika and Mo Siddiq defended their honor's theses. Congrats!

Mo Siddiq is heading to Chicago next year for grad school. Congrats Mo!

Postdoc extraordinaire Brent Lockwood's paper on heterogeneous protein evolution in Mytilus mussels has been accepted at Molecular Biology and Evolution!

Congratulations undergraduate Katie Mika! After much deliberation and a number of flights across the country, Katie will be taking her talents to the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Chicago next year. Sorry South Beach.

Congratulations to undergraduate Mo Siddiq for getting the NSF predoc! Where he will take his talents currently remains unknown.

3/2012 ~ Undergraduate researcher Nick Fisher builds on his already impressive resume (2 puplished papers) by getting into IU Med School. Great work Nick!

Brandon Cooper gave a talk, and undergraduates Mo Siddiq and Katie Mika gave posters at the GSA fly meeting in Chicago, IL.

2/2012 ~ Luke Hoekstra, Brandon Cooper and Kristi Montooth attended the Evo-Devo 2012 IGERT meeting in Portland, OR.

1/2012 ~ Brandon Cooper presented his data on the evolution of cellular plasticity at the SICB meeting in Charleston, SC.

12/2011 ~ Brandon Cooper, undergraduate Nick Fisher, and Kristi Montooth's paper on the evolution of cellular plasticity in environments with high among-generation variance has been accepted at Evolution! Click here to check out these data.

Undergraduate researcher Lindsay Davies graduated and will be moving to New Jersey to complete an internship on an organic farm. Congratulations Lindsay, we are all jealous.

You can now call Robert Kobey, Mr. Ph.D. candidate Kobey. Congratulations Robert!

Brandon Cooper and colleagues have a paper accepted at J. Therm. Biol. Click here to check out these data.

Kristi Montooth and undergraduate Mo siddiq are profiled in IU's new undergraduate recruiting materials, and will appear in both online and in print advertising campaigns.

11/2011 ~ Brent Lockwood received an NIH NRSA postdoctoral fellowship to support his work on the cellular mechanisms that enable embryonic development in variable environments. Great work Brent!

Mo Siddiq received the Victoria Finnerty Travel Award from the GSA to attend the annual Drosophila Research Conference in Chicago. Great work Mo!

Mo Siddiq received a Thesis Award from the Hutton Honors College at IU.

Undergraduates Katie Mika and Mo Siddiq presented their data at the Midwest Drosophila Conference.

The lab would like to welcome Brent Lockwood (Montooth postdoc), Melissa Pespeni (Moczek postdoc), and their beautiful daughter Aurelia to Bloomington!

07/2011 ~ Nick Fisher gets his first publication along with Brandon Cooper, Kristi Montooth and collaborators at METACyt on the development of a novel assay to quantify the composition of cellular membranes.

06/2011 ~ Brandon Cooper and colleagues have a paper out in PLoS ONE on acclimation of Porcellio scaber to predictable and stochastic environments.

05/2011 ~ Nick Fisher was accepted to the Cellular and Integrative Physiology Master's Program at the IU School of Medicine, Congrats Nick!

Nick Fisher graduates with a B.S. in Biology. Congratulations Nick!

04/2011 ~ Mo Siddiq was awarded the Pre-professional Experience Grant and the Blatchley Nature Award.

Anna Guanzon was awarded funding from Hutton Honors college to support her summer research with Robert Kobey.

03/2011 ~ Kristi Montooth, Luke Hoekstra and Robert Kobey present their data at the Annual Drosophila Research Conference.

Rob Gassert was accepted into the STARS Program.

01/2011 ~ Brandon Cooper was awarded a grant from the Indiana Academy of Science related to his work on the evolution of plastic cellular physiologies.

Kristi Montooth, Brandon Cooper and Robert Kobey present new data at the annual meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology.

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